The Super Power Of Podcasting

Marty Vids is one of Australia's most powerful speakers

on Brand and Business Building through Podcasting.

Podcasting is an incredible way to share your voice, your message, your business with a local, national and global audience.


Are you ready for the world to hear you!

"Podcasting is like having your own hit radio show for your business"


- Marty Vids









- How to identify your niche and key message  

- Knowing your audience and what you want them to do 

- How to develop creative confidence


- How to attract interesting guests and build communities

- How to successfully monetise your podcast





Marty Vids started his creative journey becoming a Stand Up Comedian in the early 90's in Melbourne, Australia and went on to run stand up comedy nights for 7 years starting at the age of 17. 

He is also however a strategic people, business and community builder.

He Co-Founded award winning mortgage broking firms Mortgage First and Mortgage 500 and successfully exited both. 

Winning broking business of the year in 2004 and 2015 with plenty of awards in between and more importantly never losing a team member in 20 years of business.

Marty started a podcast on a dare in 2016 – The Marty Vids Show where interesting people have remarkable conversations. 

Marty’s podcast is now consistently ranked in the top 200 podcast (84 in March 2019) in Australia (rare for a non commercial backed podcast).

It is listened to in over 140 + countries around the world inspiring people to ask better questions so to experience happier, fulfilling and productive lives.

Marty has also established himself as an influencer on Linkedin with an active following of 15,000 + with some posts reaching 15,000 views.

Marty shares his creative strategies through podcast workshops and training.

He is also currently part owner in an innovative and disruptive speaking agency called Book Speakers Direct which is changing the event management world for the better. 


Marty will entertain your audience as well as share practical advice on the importance of building your personal and business brand.

- Countless presentations in the corporate world

- Unique blend of comedy, mindset and business 

- Flexible as MC, Keynote, host or interviewer.

- Whatever the event requires Marty will be happy to accommodate. 

- In the trenches entrepreneur - not just a speaker / facilitator

- Influencer on LinkedIn with 20,000 + following 

- Top 100 Australian Podcast The Marty Vids Show



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So often we are told what we should do in life. Awaken your Warrior shares insights and strategies on how to get back to you and how to back your yourself. It's all about using your natural instincts and capabilities to design the life you want and to make it happen.

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