Shane Wallace - The First App I Opened Was My Own (Workapp) A great Aussie Story.

Shane Wallace founder of Workapp

We cover so many interesting topics in this powerful podcast with Shane:

  • Bouncing back from failure in business

  • The importance know your numbers

  • Creating a global vision an acting on it

  • Using the best perspective to find a way

  • Distruption to benefit everyday people

  • The mindset on creating big ideas

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Shane Wallace - Founder and CEO of Workapp

Shane Wallace - CEO / Founder Workapp

"The first app I opened was my own" - Shane Wallace

This is a great Aussie business story of a family that lost their business during the GFC and decided to travel around Australia to reboot their lives.

On that trip they decided if they were going to start another business they were go to go big and go global.

They didn't know what or how however they had made the declaration.

Fast forward to 2018 Shane is a present day entrepreneur with a vision to spread prosperity and promote equality in the digital age.

As co-founder and CEO of WorkApp, Shane has a passion for helping people solve today’s micro-moment problems with an all-in-one, free and easy to use platform that puts the user first.

The digital landscape continues to change the way we do almost everything, and it will be those platforms that empower users and their customers that will grow and prosper in this exciting era.

WorkApp takes buying, selling, connecting and communicating back to a level playing field by removing the power to influence search from leading corporations and giving it to the people at no cost.

This is an incredible journey of courage, innovation and thinking bigger.

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